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Administrative calendar

Tomasz Cybulski
1 month ago

The administrative calendar (popularly known as the club calendar) shows all public events, trainings and matches. As system administrator you have the possibility to view and edit all events in the calendar. To access the Club Calendar select from the left menu club club dashboard.


As you can see in the picture above, there is an area above the calendar where you have several options to filter events on the calendar. You can narrow the range of displayed events to specific teams or specific types. Moreover, you can decide whether weekends, full team names and event locations should appear on the calendar..

By pressing the „list" button, the calendar will take a tabular form, so you can conveniently save it as a pdf or print. Colours of events - training, will be in the colours of the teams. You can change the color of the team in team edit window.

As a system administrator you have the possibility to add three types of events to your club calendar. Traditional event, training block and training. To add an event to the calendar, click on any day on the calendar and choose one of the three options that will appear on the screen.


You can add a standard event on the calendar, such as a meeting of coaches or any other. Creating such an event you can choose its visibility for particular user groups. To improve the visibility of the event, you can also choose its colour.

The second type of event you can plan is training. As an administrator, you have the option to schedule a training session for the any team of your club. We have explained the topic of planning a training session in the previous chapters.

The last type of event you can add to your calendar as administrator is a training block. This is an extremely important element for planning your work in the club. It allows you to assign microcycle to specific teams. The first step in planning a training block is to select the teams you want to create a microcycle for. In the next few steps you specify the name, colour, description and duration of the training block.


Remember that you can plan several different training blocks for different teams at the same time.

When the training blocks are scheduled, the blocks will appear on the calendars of the coaches of the theirs teams, so that the coaches will know what to focus on during training.

Another important feature you will find in your club calendar is the ability to control the details of each of the added trainings. By clicking on a training session in the calendar, you will see a window with the details of the session. Very quickly you will be able to verify whether the coach has prepared a draft or checked presence.


As an administrator you also have the possibility to download a training outline as a PDF file. Moreover, you also are able to edit the training parameters such as: topic, description, place, time and date.

The system also gives you the opportunity to copy the training prepared for Team X to any other team that is part of the club or other entity you work for.


From the administrative level you have access to all reports and results of matches that were played by teams from your club or another entity. You can keep track of all match and individual player statistics.